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Skimboarding Terms

If you’re new to skimboarding you’re not just going to have to learn how to do the sport but there’s a language you need to learn too. We’ve put together a big list of pretty much every term that will come out of a skimboarder’s mouth. If you’re also a longboarder or skateboarder, you’ll know the language very well.

180 / 360 / 540 / 720 / 900 - How much a rider or his skimboard turns, in terms of degrees.
360 Shuvit – A trick where you spin the board 360 degrees without your body turning.
50/50 – Riding straight on a rail, your board is in line with the rail.
Backside – A trick that is performed while facing in the opposite direction you’re traveling.
Bail – When you’re doing a trick or skimboarding and mess up, stop, or crash while doing it.
Big Spin – When you do a 360 shuvit and turn your body 180 degrees.
Boardslide – Like a 50/50 but your board is turned sideways so you are facing either completely forward or completely backward.
Body Varial – Without spinning your board you jump and turn your body while riding.
Deck - The top portion of your skimboard.
Dialed in – When you have your skimboard set up or trick set up and performed perfectly.
Ding – When you ding your skimboard that means you put a dent or crack in it. This crack or dent is called a ding.
Fakie Stance – When you orient your board so the board is going backwards but you are standing in your normal stance.
Flatland Skimboarding – When there are no waves and you go skimboarding.
Foamie – A skimboard that has a core made of foam
Frontside – Opposite of backside, you do a trick and land facing completely forwards.
Goofy Stance – When you ride with your right foot forward and the left foot in the back.
Grab – When you grab your board while riding it.
Grind – To ride your board on a rail.
Grom - A young skimboarder.
Hippy Jump – A trick where you jump and your board continues gliding, while an object passes under you and your skimboard passes under the object. So your board goes under and you go over the object.
Inland skimboarding – Skimboarding that is not done on the ocean.
Jib – A trick where you ride your board on something that isn’t water. This object can also be called a jib.
Kick Out – When standing on your board you kick it out in front of you to get it going faster, then you jump back onto it.
No comply – When doing a trick you put one foot on the ground, and you’re your other foot to finish the trick with the board.
Nollie Stance – Instead of one foot in the back and one in the middle, you have one foot in the middle and foot on the nose of the board.
Nose - Front tip of the skimboard.
Ollie – When you jump in the air and your board follows.
One footer – To do a trick with one foot.
Pop Shuvit – When you and your board are in the air, you spin the board.
Potato Chip – An inexpensive wooden skimboard.
Rail – This is either the outer edge of the skimboard OR a metal rail where you ride on and “grind” it.
Regular Stance – When you ride your board with your left foot forward and right foot backward.
Rocker – The amount of curve on the front tip of the skimboard.
Sesh – “Who’s up for a skim sesh?” It means session.
Sex Change – When you do a pop shuvit and a body varial together, spinning in opposite directions.
Snake – When someone cuts you off while skimming.
Tail - The rear end of the skimboard.
Woodie - A skimboard with a wood core.