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Like so many of the best loved names in the outdoor sports industry, Zap Skimboards started small. Zap founder Bob Smetts grew up close to the beach in Venice, Florida. He first started skimming at the age of seven, using plywood slabs that were probably left over from surf shapers. Smetts love for the water led him to begin surfboard shaping, and he spent several years living on Oahu’s famous North Shore. He returned to Venice in the early 80s to start a family, which is where the Zap Skimboards story begins.

Smetts had honed his skills as a surfboard shaper during his time in Hawaii, and with five young kids to feed, he put his skills to work creating surfboards and sailboards in his own garage. Seeing an untapped market, Smetts began to adapt the tools and techniques he learned while shaping surfboards to create skimboards. As the skimboard construction process that Smett’s called “Zapology” developed further, Smett’s creations became more popular. Soon, Surf and Sailboard construction stopped entirely and Zap Skimboards as we know it today began to take shape.

If you need help selecting a Zap skimboard that we have for sale, we recommend our skimboard selection guide: Skimboard Buying & Size Guide.

A Brand That’s Making Major Progress

Zap skimboards first became available nationwide in the early 90s. Smetts struggled at first because riders were unsure about paying the higher prices associated with Zap’s innovative construction techniques. However, the product’s performance seemed to speak for itself as Zap’s popularity continued to grow. The company began exporting to Europe, Asia, Australia and the Caribbean.

Today, Zap skimboards are still the yardstick that other brands are measuring up to. With an 18-man team of professional riders as well as semi-pro and amateur sponsorship programs in place, this knowledgeable team continues to make major advancements in the skimboard industry.

Find the Best Zap Skimboards Online at Outdoor Board Sports

At Outdoor Board Sports, you’ll find an excellent selection of Zap skimboards in our inventory. The Zap Lazer makes a great first board thanks to its lightweight nature and a design that favors sand skimming over deep-water performance. For intermediate riders, the Zap wedge offers an ideal mix of speed and maneuverability at a price that won’t break the bank. You can also check out the Chisel for another option with a narrow tail that offers impressive maneuverability.

Ready to step up to a truly pro-level ride? Zap’s Ace model is a beautifully crafted multi-layer board that uses Zap’s proprietary SuperDura bottom — not only can it cut ribbons in the water, but it can also take a pounding and continue to perform at top levels. The Zap Fish is an excellent all-around board with a double-fin design that’s perfect for throwing tricks.

If you’re looking for a new Zap skimboard, Outdoor Board Sports offers these models, as well as many other American-made Zap skimboards for sale. When you shop with us, you can take advantage of affordable prices on brands you trust to help you excel on the water. Browse our selection of Zap skimboards today — grab yourself a sweet new ride and get ready to hit the beach!

For more detailed information, check out our Ultimate Guide to Zap Skimboards below:

The Ultimate Guide to Zap Skimboards

The Guide to Zap Skimbaords For Sale

Company founder Bob Smetts developed the Zap Skimboard in 1983. A lifelong skimmer from Venice, Fla., he initially took to the sport as a 7 year old, when he started mimicking stunts on a makeshift board composed of plywood. By the age of 15, he was constructing actual surfboards and braving the southern sands. In the mid-1970s, he relocated to Hawaii, where he began establishing himself as a surfing entrepreneur and sportsman on the north beaches of Oahu. The early '80s would find him back in the Sunshine State, where he furthered his board-building pursuits while taking time to marry and raise a family.

The initial impetus for building a skimboard was to fund his production of the namesake Smetts and Windflight-label surfboard lines. Within time, however, the skimboard concept took on a life of its own. Eventually, skimboards comprised all of his income, and he named his new business Zapology. As time went on, the fledgling company spawned a new breed of skimming enthusiasts, many of whom were looking for an alternative to the high costs of surfboards — not to mention the hazards of waves. Shortening the name to Zap by decade's end, the brand gradually spread beyond North America to attract skimmers in Eurasia, the tropics and throughout the Southern hemisphere.

The Zap Lazer Series

Zap Lazer Series Skimboards

ZAP LAZER 40" – ASSORTED COLORS —The color scheme of this board resembles the bright white of a big wave crashing down on the deep blue of the sea. Whiteness covers the bulk of the surface, which is topped by the Zap logo in its usual place. From the lower right side on down across the tail tip, the deep blue takes over. The blue and white divide is marked by a red streak.

ZAP MINI LAZER 35.5" – ASSORTED COLORS — This one has a minty look, thanks to the color scheme of aqua, spearmint green and white. From nose to tail, each color spans across the surface and blends into the next — definitely the kind of scheme to reflect the aquatic tones on a bright, sunny day.

All skimboards in the Zap Lazer series — except for the last two — measure 40.25" x 20" and are available from Outdoor Board Sports for only $106.99. The two Mini Lazer designs are 35.5" x 20" and sell for $104.99. Regardless of your favorite color scheme, the Zap Lazer is a perfect board for preteens who are just getting into the sport of skimming.

The Zap Wedge Series

Zap Wedge Series Skimboards

The next step up in the Zap line of skimboards is the wedge, which is designed for bigger, taller and slightly more advanced skimmers. The Wedge series currently consists of the following design:

Zap Wedge Medium 45" – Assorted Colors — Here's a board that should inspire any skimmer to go out and make some streaks in the water. The pattern features white, diagonal streaks going up and into the distance from the lower left of the tail. It all happens against a rich, watery blue surface, complete with the look of bubbles.

All large Zap Wedge skimboards are 49" x 19.75", feature 5/8" high-density polyvinyl foam core and support body weights of up to 155 lbs (or 70 kg). Medium boards in the Zap Wedge series measure 45" x 20", consist of 1/2"polyvinyl foam core and support 130 pounds (or 60 kg). Large and medium Zap Wedge skimboards respectively sell for $181.99 and $146.99 from Outdoor Board Sports.

The Zap Ace Series

Zap Ace Series Skimboards

For the skimmer who is getting more serious about the sport — yet doesn't want to a have a serious bite taken out of his or her wallet — there's the Zap Ace series. Made from SuperDura laminated weave glass, the invincible board is built for smooth rides by experienced skimmers.

Each board in the Ace line features the word "ZAP" along the left-nose edge in action-comic lettering, as well as an ace of spades on the lower right-hand side. All sizes of the Zap Ace skimboard feature a white surface and a choice of four color schemes for the letters and graphics: black and red, black and green, black and gray or black and blue.

The dimensions of the five boards in the Zap Ace series are:

Zap – Ace 56" — 56" x 17.65” x 20.7". Supports rider weight in the 225 to 255-pounds ballpark. It sells for $314.99.

Zap – Ace 54" — 54" x 17.65" x 20.7". Supports rider weight of anywhere from 205 to 235 pounds.It sells for $295.95.

Zap – Ace 52" — 52" x 17.65" x 20.7". Supports rider weight from 185 to 225 pounds. It sells for $295.95.

Zap – Ace 50" — 50" x 17.65" x 20.7". Supports rider weight of anywhere from 175 to 215 pounds. It sells for $291.95.

Zap – Ace 44" — 44" x 17.65" x 20.7". Supports rider weight from 135 to 165 pounds. It sells for $259.99.

Each board in the Zap Ace series is wrapped in premium fiberglass and has a deck that consists of a 5/8" to 3/4" high-density polyvinyl foam core. You can purchase all Zap Ace skimboards from Outdoor Board Sports.

The Zap Pro Series

Zap Pro Series Skimboards

Here's a skimboard made for those who've mastered the sport. Unlike the vast array of carbon fiber boards on the market, the Zap Pro is made from Composilite, which provides all the strength and durability at only a fraction of the price of comparative models. Boasting a smaller tail than average, the board allows advanced skimmers to pull off trickier moves on the sand and water. The Zap Pro series consists of the following two models:

Zap Pro Large 54" – Assorted Colors —Generally available with an assortment of colors on the surface and the "Z" (for Zap) logo at the nose, the Zap Pro also comes in other single colors, such as orange and teal. You could also get a custom-painted version of the board, with schemes that range from yellow swirls over orange backgrounds to yellow splatters over green and blue gradients.

Zap Pro Large 54" – Red Design — This Zap Pro features one of the world's most enduring color schemes: red, black and white. Most of the surface is covered in bright, shiny red, while the upper-fourth features a diagonal swath of black-splattered white, along with the Z logo — definitely a board for skimmers with a flair for style and a knack for tricky turns along the watery sands.

The exact dimensions of both boards in the Zap Pro series are 54" x 20.25". Both boards consist of a 3/4" high-density polyvinyl foam core and are wrapped in satin microfiber aerospace e-glass weave. Riders that weigh up to 210 pounds (or 95 kg) are supported by the Zap Pro, which sells for $279.99 at Outdoor Board Sports.

The Zap Chizel

Zap Chizel Series Skimboards

This board maximizes floatability combined with maneuverability — ideal for the skimmer who has balanced the wet coastal sands. With its slim tail, the Chizel will allow you to master various spins. It's also an easy board on which to regain control after a wipeout. Outdoor Board Sports currently carries one board in the Zap Chizel series:

Zap Chizel 50.5" – Green Design — The color scheme of this board conjures images of clear skies, green trees, water, wind and ice. Boasting a gradient that morphs from baby blue to Kelly green to wintergreen, the board is decorated with icy splatters at the nose. Meanwhile, the board sports not one, but two Zap logos: the regular "Z" logo appears in the usual left-nose area, while a second, winged Z is placed at the tail. The Chizel also comes in other color schemes, such as graffiti-covered blue and vertically streaked green. Inquire about other options.

The exact dimensions of the Zap Chizel are 50.5" x 19.5". Comprised of a 5/8" polyvinyl foam core, the Chizel is wrapped in satin microfiber aerospace e-glass weave. Supporting body weights of up to 165 pounds (or 75 kg), you can buy the Zap Chizel from Outdoor Board Sports for $274.99.

The Zap Fish Series

Zap Fish Series Skimboards

This board is akin to the Wedge in that it's optimal for beginner and intermediate skimmers, yet the Zap Fish can support as much as 155 pounds (or 70 kg). The board is also impressively curvy. What distinguishes the Fish from all other Zap skimboards is its unique fish tail.

Zap Fish 47" – Assorted Colors —Here's a bright and eye-catching board for mastering the wet sands. Emblazoned in sunflower yellow, the Zap Fish is an impossible board of which to lose track, whether you're going through the trial and error of learning the headstand, floater or wrap. If taken near the shallow reefs of Hawaii, the yellow tang might confuse this board for a giant among their species.

Zap Fish 47" – Orange Stripe — This is the Great White of the Zap skimboard line. Not only does the Fish boast one of the most floatable designs, it's also one of the most visually distinctive — and not just because of its fish tail. The secret is in the minimalism of its color schemes, which are neither busy nor dark, but instead simple and bright. This board features a white, shiny surface with a gradient orange, line-crossed swirl that spans the upper left to middle right part of the body.

Dimension-wise, the Zap Fish skimboard measures 47" x 20.25", and it consists of a 5/8" polyvinyl foam core in a multidirectional e-glass wrap. You can buy the Zap from Outdoor Board Sports for $194.99.

Other Zap Skimboards for Sale

Zap Skimboard Quote

In addition to the models covered in the preceding Zap skimboard reviews, the company produces various other models, including the Fuse, Chimp, Arrowhead, and numerous other series boards; all of which are available in a range of sizes, as described below.

The Zap FuseThis advanced performance board features a dark gray surface, as well as finger-paint-like lines on the underside in gray, off black, and crimson. Due to the very non-beach-like color scheme—which is more evocative of an urban nighttime setting than anything to do with sand, sun, and waves—this board will easily stand out against the water. The Zap Fuse series is sold in the following sizes, each with its own height and weight allowance:

F50E – Small 50" x 19.6" ¾" 5’0" – 5’8" 135 lbs.

F52E – Medium 52" x 20.4" ¾“ 5’2" – 6’0" 165 lbs.

F54E – Large 54" x 21" ¾" 5’3" – 6’2" 185 lbs.

F56E – X-Large 56" x 21.65" ¾" 5’5" – 6’3" 225 lbs.

The Zap Fuse-X The color scheme on this board—off-black surface; black, white, and crimson-streaked underside—might not mirror nature, but it sure will draw attention at the beach. Like the Fuse, but unlike most Zap boards, the logo is placed along the lower-right edge. The Zap Fuse-X is available in four models— FX50 (Small), FX52 (Medium), FX54 (Large), FX56 (X-Large)—that correlate to the size chart of the Fuse.

The Zap Chimp Dark green is in short supply in most coastal settings, which makes this beauty of a board all the more special. Emblazoned from nose to tail in the color of moss, this board is further distinguished with a mohawked chimp mascot along the center-right edge. The chimp is available in the following size variants:

CH38 – Small 38" x 17.6" ⅝" 4’0" – 4’8" 80 lbs.

CH42 – Medium 42" x 18.6" ¾" 4’3" – 5’2" 100 lbs.

CH46 – Large 46" x 19.75" ¾" 4’6" – 5’5" 120 lbs.

The Zap Arrowhead Gray once again, this time in a tint more reflective of sand. The underside features marble stripes of gray, black, and burgundy. Created for the rider who wants a bit more float along the shallow waters, the Arrowhead is made in the following sizes:

AH51 – Small 51" x 21.4" ¾" 5’1" – 5’11" 175 lbs.

AH53 – Medium 53" x 21.5" ¾" 5’3" – 6’1" 200 lbs.

The Zap Pufferfish – This board is streaked along its left side with the colors of certain pufferfish. The center-right side features an icon of the distinctive sea critter, apparently getting pumped full of air. Designed with a unique fish tail, the board is perfect for the mushy waves of the gulf coast. The Pufferfish is available in two models— AH51 (small), AH53 (Medium)—that correspond to the size chart of the Arrowhead.

The Zap Dave Scott – With its narrow-tail design, this board is made for instant and speedy responsiveness for skimmers of all shapes and sizes. The light gray board features a green and purple shark icon with the signature of Dave Scott in bold black letters. The five sizes of this board are as follows:

DS49 – X-Small 49" x 19" ⅝" 4’11" – 5’9" 90 lbs.

DS51 – Small 51" x 19.5" ⅝" 5’1" – 5’11" 135 lbs.

DS53 – Medium 53" x 20" ⅝" 5’3" – 6’1" 165 lbs.

DS54 – Large 54" x 20.25" ⅝" 5’4" – 6’2" 185 lbs.

DS56 – Large 56" x 20.5" ⅝" 5’6" – 6’4" 225 lbs.

The Zap Casey Kiernan – Named in honor of the accomplished skimming pro, this swallowtail board bears the blue of the ocean's water, streaked with the orange of sun rays on the underside, and further distinguished with a winged-anchor icon on front. Optimized for heel-toe weight transfer, this board loses no speed while you move your weight around. The Casey Kiernan comes in the following sizes:

KS49 – Small 49" x 19.8" ⅝" 4’9" – 5’8" 145 lbs.

KS51 – Medium 51" x 20" ⅝" 5’2" – 6’0" 165 lbs.

KS53 – Large 53" x 20.2" ⅝" 5’3" – 6’1" 185 lbs.

The Zap Boomhower Pro – This versatile board is perfect for anyone who loves a mix of black and electric colors. The nose of the Boomhower is flat black, but the lower half is drizzled horizontally with cross waves of electric blue and lime. Acclaimed for its curvy outline and floatability, this bird-bedecked board is available in five models— BP49 (X-Small), BP51 (Small), BP53 (Medium), BP54 (Large), BP56 (X-Large)—that correspond to the same size chart as the Dave Scott.

The Zap M5 – On its surface, the M5 has outer space written all over it; what looks like a snapshot of faraway stars is streaked with lunar white, while the bold, jagged letters of the name overlap on the lower right. The underside is pastel blue: a perfect color to mirror the warmest of sunsets along beaches from Hawaii to Bermuda. Available in two models— M551 (Small), M553 (Medium)—that follow the Arrowhead size chart.

The Zap Comp Carbon – On its surface, the Comp Carbon looks like it could camouflage with rocks along the beach. Streaking over the surface, however, are oval lines of subtle red. Flip the board over and you get a solid underside of bright cherry red. An orange Zap logo further distinguishes this board, which is available in four models— CO50 (Small), CO52 (Medium), CO54 (Large), CO56 (X-Large)—that correlate to the size chart of the Fuse.

The Zap Smetts Rocket Fish – This fish-tail board is fuller between the nose and the mid section, which gives it greater front-foot maneuverability than most skimboards. Designed for the smaller waves of the East coast, the Smetts Rocket Fish features orange, blue, and black waves over a sandy-gray background, and it comes in the following sizes:

RF47 – X-Small 47" x 20" ¾" 4’9" – 5’7" 135 lbs.

RF49 – Small 49" x 20.5" ¾" 4’11" – 5’9" 155 lbs.

RF51 – Medium 51" x 20.5" ¾" 5’1" – 5’11" 165 lbs.

RF53 – Large 53" x 20.75" ¾" 5’3" – 6’1" 185 lbs.

Which Zap Skimboard Is Best?

Which Zap Skimboard Is The Best

To determine which Zap skimboard would be best for you, all you need to do is step on a scale, verify how much you currently weigh and select a board that correlates to your weight range. As a general rule, the Zap Lazer is the best skimboard for young preteen skimmers, because it's built for people who weigh 80 pounds and under. That makes the Lazer most suited to wet sand—as opposed to water—skimming, which makes it most ideal for young beginners.

For teens and adults who are upwards of 155 pounds, the Zap Wedge and Fish are the best skimboards to choose from, whether the goal is to learn or improve at the sport. The Zap Chizel, which supports up to 165 pounds, is another board optimized for full-grown skimmers at the intermediate level. Meanwhile, the Zap Ace and Pro lines are best suited for skimmers who weigh in the lower 200-pound region. Thanks to the durability of these heavyweight boards in the Zap line, the Ace and Pro can take more than their share of use and abuse on the coastal waters, and are therefore optimal for the demands of advanced skimmers.

Zap Skimboards for Sale Cheap

As the vast majority of Zap skimboard reviews will attest, the boards in the Zap line are among the best in the world for learning and mastering the sport of skimming. You can buy Zap skimboards online at Outdoor Board Sports, which offers a wide array of boards in the Zap lines covered in this article.

Known for making the world's largest fiberglass skimboards, the Zap brand's assorted boards are used at beaches everywhere. Whether you're trying out skimming for the first time or doing 360 Aerials, make Zap your skimboard brand of choice.

Order your new Zap skimboard today!